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‘Fast-paced, character-rich and emotionally charged, this book has it all. A sheer joy to read. You won’t want it to end.’ –– Imogen Clark, million-copy bestselling author of ‘Reluctantly Home’.

Colleen Hoover’s ‘It Ends With Us’ meets ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ in this epic Women’s Fiction romance.

A gloriously heart-rending interconnected love story, spanning thirteen years. One woman, three very different men. A shameful secret that binds them all.

Book 1: A Flame Unburned

Victoria Turnbull knows lots of things. She knows she wants to meet a man, fall in love, marry and someday start a family. At least, that’s what she thinks she wants.

What Vicky doesn’t know is it will take loving three men over the course of thirteen years to appreciate that sometimes it isn’t what you want that’s truly important, it’s what you didn’t even know you needed that will lead to a lifetime of love, or a lifetime of pain.

When Vicky meets her First Great Love, the charismatic backpacking Kiwi, Chris Williams—who also happens to be her best friend’s brother—when he swaggers confidently into her life and seduces her; their passion unlocks a burning flame inside her. Addicted to the inextinguishable spark she’s forced to hide a hideous secret that, ultimately, changes the course of her life.

Book 2: A Promise Unmade

On the rebound from Chris, Vicky meets and falls in love with the ambitious career-driven Craig Fenwick, her Second Great Love. Craig offers her stability if not passion, nevertheless, she dives headfirst into a lifelong promise. However, Craig is hiding a shameful secret of his own—the truth surrounding the tragic death of his brother—and if Craig really is the one, then why does her heart keep drifting back to Chris?

Book 3: A Star Unborn

As the years roll by and with one relationship firmly in the past while another continues to simmer in secret, when Vicky meets her Third Great Love—the recently divorced, gentle giant, Gavin Williams—finally, she believes she has everything she’s ever wanted, except the one thing she desperately desires. A child of her own to hold in her arms.

Surely a decade-old shameful secret won’t stop her from having a baby with the man she loves? But when her past slams unexpectedly into her present, after she discovers falling pregnant is one thing, staying pregnant another; her life unravels at an alarming speed.

The only way Vicky can have what she wants, with the man she loves, is to reconcile with a past lover, find the courage to confront her long-buried trauma, and first and foremost—fall in love with herself. Either that or she’ll remain shackled to her past and never find a way to truly love and be loved in return.

Twisting and turning around the globe, this epic women’s fiction romantic saga takes you on a journey of love, passion and self-discovery as Vicky travels the world, from the historic English Countryside to the breathtaking vistas of New Zealand, via the scorching hot sun of the Greek Islands, the contradictions of Hong Kong, the furore of London, the grit of north-east England and the sun-soaked beaches of Thailand, Mauritius and The Cayman Islands.

Packed full of heartbreak and hope, at its heart this gripping and highly entertaining series is a story about love, life and becoming stronger in the face of great loss.

Download your copies now and prepare to fall in love with ‘The Three Great Loves of Victoria Turnbull’.

A perfect read for fans of Jojo Moyes, Taylor Jenkins-Reid, Nicholas Sparks and Colleen Hoover.


‘Isabella Wiles is a modern-day Sidney Sheldon or Judith Krantz – epic novels, intercontinental, spanning years.’ Hidden Gems