I’ve read all of Imogen’s books and this (her third full-length novel) is my favourite thus far. Partly because the story is soo intriguing, partly because her characters are so full, vivid and believable, partly – in this case – because this particular story is set in my part of the world – but mostly because her words just fall off the page. I simply love her turn of phrase. It takes no effort at all to read what she’s written and for the story to emerge in my brain – AND THAT is a master skill.

I love Debbie’s books! The first in this series had me giggling so loud, one night I woke my husband up, and this anticipated sequel is equally as funny – with one of the best opening paragraphs I think I’ve ever read! It pulls you right in.

Quick, easy, laugh-out-loud sequel

Every BreathNicholas SparksContemporary RomanceAnother heart stirring tale from the master of the Dramatic Love-story genre There is a difference between ‘Romance’ and ‘Love stories’ or the sub-genre I would describe as Dramatic Romance – and Sparks remains at the top of this genre. You know you’re going to fall in love with his characters. You

It’s very rare I dish out a five-star review. I keep that final precious glittering luminary for those novels that fulfil all my stringent criteria;
– Is the story well laid out and structured in such a way to keep me a) guessing and b) turning pages
– Did I care about the characters, their goals and dreams
– How well is it written? I can’t abide bad line writing or poor editing
– And finally, did it surprise me. Leave me thinking about its message or meaning, long after I’ve turned the last page

And boy, did Gail Honeyman pass with flying colours on all of these accounts.

An important topic tackled head on in this dark & supremely honest debut.

Although the line writing was beautifully crafted, I marked it down as I felt the second third rambled & lacked any pace, tension or narrative drive.

For me the story could have been structured much better, the loooong chapters chopped up & the overly verbose internal monologue radically reduced.

I was glued in the beginning, then again in the last few chapters, but got seriously bored in the middle as I lost the point of what Vanessa’s driving needs & wants were, & therefore the point to the story the author was trying to portray. What was Vanessa’s goal in all of this – I was unclear & therefore disengaged with the narrative…

I’ve been searching for an author like this – one who tackles ugly but realistic stories, that involve two characters falling in love, whilst also providing a context for us to reflect and challenge our own thinking and beliefs in the real world … and that’s what Colleen gives us in spades. Topics like this seem only to be tackled in the Domestic Drama genre. I think we need a new Romance sub-genre, one that allows for the HFN ending (Happy for now), rather than…