Holiday Date

Debbie Ionanna

Romantic Comedy

I love Debbie's books!

The first in this series had me giggling so loud, one night I woke my husband up, and this anticipated sequel is equally as funny - with one of the best opening paragraphs I think I've ever read! It pulls you right in.

Quick, easy, laugh-out-loud sequel

Jenny has her man, while her best friend Sarah is suddenly single having split from 'Max the Wanker'. The girlfriends head to Rome for a mini-break and I couldn't hold in the giggles as Debbie expertly delivers some cracking one-liners as these two spar off each other.

Meanwhile back in Yorkshire, the delicious Zack is left in charge of Bing Crosby, and when Jenny returns home, Zack persuades her to come on holiday with him at his parent's luxurious Greek villa. Feeling out of her depth, Jenny agrees, but then things start to fall apart once they arrive.

After months in lockdown, and even if you're not now going away this summer - this is the perfect tonic, for a quick weekend read to lift your spirits.

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