September 22, 2020

Where The Story Starts by Imogen Clark

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Where The Story Starts

Imogen Clark

Literary Fiction

Another corker from the author who is fast becoming the 'Queen of Women's Fiction'

I've read all of Imogen's books and this (her third full-length novel) is my favourite thus far. Partly because the story is soo intriguing, partly because her characters are so full, vivid and believable, partly - in this case - because this particular story is set in my part of the world - but mostly because her words just fall off the page. I simply love her turn of phrase. It takes no effort at all to read what she's written and for the story to emerge in my brain - AND THAT is a master skill.

This story centres around Leah a single mother raising her children in a small terrace house in the North-East seaside town of Whitley Bay, and Clio, a well-to-do heiress who wants for nothing, but has limited life experience.

As the two women become friends, the story travels back and forth from present-day into the past as it peels back the layers that connect them. This is Imogen's style and all of her books switch between multiple POVs, however, I've yet to find this off-putting, as Imogen has this knack of allowing you to settle into one person's story before switching it up again. She's a genius.

Overall, this is a brilliant novel, superbly written, a great story that keeps you guessing as it continues to unravel and one that fans of Amanda Prowse, Julie Cohen and Kerry Lonsdale will love.

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