Every Breath

Nicholas Sparks

Contemporary Romance

Another heart stirring tale from the master of the Dramatic Love-story genre

There is a difference between 'Romance' and 'Love stories' or the sub-genre I would describe as Dramatic Romance - and Sparks remains at the top of this genre. You know you're going to fall in love with his characters. You know there will be some sensual love-making, and you know there will be some ugly-tears at some point, but you'll reach the end of the yarn with a warm fuzzy feeling none-the-less.

This is another heart-warming and heart-breaking tale of a chance encounter, an instant connection, a set of impossible circumstances and the love of two people who live without regret that Nicholas delivers with his usual aplomb.

Centred around Sunset Beach in Spark's natural habit of North Carolina, the pair meet on the beach where they're both staying for different reasons; Tru who's travelled from Africa to meet the father he's never met and Hope to attend her friend's wedding.

I only marked this down one star, as Nicholas does have a habit of dumping on the exposition, which although lyrically written, can become disengaging when you're wading through pages and pages of backstory and internal dialogue - and there's a lot in this book. I personally find lots of flashbacks or exposition kills the pace.

But that aside, this is a lovely story and all Nicholas Sparks fans will love it.

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