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Ok - but nothing new or unique

I’ve been trying out a number of authors in the very wide ‘romance’ genre, searching for something new & different ... & this wasn’t it.

I choose this based on her NYT best seller status but was sadly disappointed. Not in the prose, which was well written but in the same old / same old regurgitated storyline.

Small town boy turned millionaire meets long lost first love who initially despises him because of his past treatment of her, but they’re required to work together .... can you see where this is going. But of course there is the hidden secret (which I won’t reveal as a spoiler) but it’s not that much of a ‘secret’ in the story anyway which is meant to create the tension/conflict but is so predictable it’s almost laughable.

Come on all of you top selling best selling authors, please, please, please, can you put your thinking caps on & come up with something unique, original & less predictable next time... instead of churning out the same old formulaic storylines.

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